Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The shows in October 2011

This season, Regalia Jewels introduced our latest collection, "A Drop of Diamond" at the Jewelers International Showcase in Miami. The response was tremendous with the icon jewels sold out on the first day itself.

Our Diamond collection offered a wide range of stunning pieces in very high finish and light weight at incredible prices.

The JA-NY Special Delivery was the first time for us and yet, the response we got was so amazing that some buyers actually stopped to ask us if we were giving out something for free by the way we were packed. Please visit our wholesale only online store at to shop with us today !!!

A very Hearty Thanks to all our buyers and visitors who made these shows successful for us. We have already started working on our new collection with your suggestions, hints and guidance. Please feel free to contact Surbhi at or call her at 732-986-8132 if you have ANY suggestions for us to improve or expand your favorite collections.

Visit us at the JIS Miami in January and JA - New York.